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The Future Of AI, According To Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt

In an exclusive interview with Noema Magazine, Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt weighs in on where AI is headed, when to “pull the plug” and how to cope with China. Read the interview transcript her...see more

Advancements in AI Capabilities
  1. AI is rapidly advancing with new models developed every year to 18 months, enabling capabilities like infinite context windows for Chain of Thought reasoning.
  2. Advancements include the development of Agents, large language models that learn new information and run tests, with a potential future of millions of Agents available.
  3. Text to action technology is emerging, allowing users to request software creation through verbal commands, potentially leading to collaborative agent interactions and the development of new languages.
Regulation and Safety Concerns
  1. Concerns arise regarding the need for regulation as AI systems become more powerful, with a focus on preventing agents from communicating in ways beyond human understanding.
  2. Collaboration with governments, establishment of trust and safety institutes, and ongoing discussions with Chinese counterparts aim to address safety, liability, and misuse concerns in AI development.
  3. Challenges include the dual-use nature of technology, open-source proliferation, and the importance of transparency, verification, and regulation in AI research and development.
Global AI Competition and Cooperation
  1. Competition and cooperation dynamics with China involve concerns about generative AI, free speech limitations, and the need for mutual agreements on AI development and safety protocols.
  2. China's AI development is slightly behind the West due to hardware restrictions, with ongoing dialogues focusing on notification protocols, safety measures, and the impact of open-source technology.
  3. The importance of regulating hardware exports, addressing reverse engineering risks, and balancing technological advancements with safety considerations in AI development.
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