Introducing GPT-4o

OpenAI Spring Update – streamed live on Monday, May 13, 2024. Introducing GPT-4o, updates to ChatGPT, and more.

Introduction of GPT-4o 🤖
  1. OpenAI introduces GPT-4o, the new flagship model that brings GPT-4 level intelligence to everyone, including free users.
  2. GPT-4o offers improved capabilities across text, vision, and audio, making interactions more natural and easier.
  3. GPT-4o supports real-time conversational speech, allowing interruptions, real-time responsiveness, and emotion recognition.
  4. GPT-4o enables voice generation in various emotive styles and a wide dynamic range, enhancing user experience.
  5. GPT-4o extends to vision capabilities, enabling interactions with video content and real-time coding assistance.
Accessibility and Availability of Advanced AI Tools 🌐
  1. OpenAI emphasizes making Advanced AI tools freely available to everyone, aiming to reduce friction and enhance accessibility.
  2. Updates include releasing the desktop version of ChatGPT, refreshing the UI for simplicity, and making ChatGPT available without a signup flow.
  3. GPT-4o's efficiencies allow bringing advanced tools to free users, expanding the audience for custom ChatGPT experiences and vision interactions.
  4. Enhancements in quality and speed across 50 languages for ChatGPT, focusing on broadening the user experience globally.
Safety and Mitigations in AI Development 🔒
  1. OpenAI addresses safety challenges in real-time audio and vision interactions with GPT-4o, focusing on mitigations against misuse.
  2. Collaboration with various stakeholders from government, media, entertainment, and civil society to ensure responsible deployment of AI technologies.
  3. Continuous iterative deployment to enhance safety measures and capabilities of GPT-4o, ensuring a balance between utility and safety.
Live Demos and User Interaction 🎥
  1. Live demos showcase GPT-4o's capabilities in real-time translation, emotion recognition, coding assistance, and vision interactions.
  2. User interaction highlights the ability to translate languages, recognize emotions from facial expressions, and provide coding assistance in real-time.
  3. GPT-4o's versatility extends to various tasks, including solving linear equations, generating plots, and engaging in conversational speech.
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